Retail Packaging and Branding

Design, Print, Pack and Ship Market Ready

We print and pack products in retail packaging and ship complete market-ready status.

Your design, your brand

Combine, Consolidate and Ship

Things can get complicated and sometimes chaotic when you have to ship and receive goods from multiple factories. The work load, the man power, the time, communication efforts and cost could sum up to a huge burden. This is where we come in and provide you with our professional services. We can consolidate, combine and stack them into container for a one shot shipment that will save you time, money and efforts that will at the same time see an obvious increase in efficiency.

Transact, Purchase, Inspect and Ship in Your Behalf

MOQ, payment terms, time difference, communications, actuality of factory, inspection of goods before shipment, etc. All these are issues that every overseas buyer/importer has to face every day; and if not properly managed could turn into nightmares.


This is where we can act on your behalf. With a whole range of products coming from a long supply chain, managing them from a distance is already a fact proven heavy task. So, we are here and we speak their language and share their same culture and time zone. We can lift that burden off your shoulder. All you need to do is communicate with us and we will take care of the rest.